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Agreement from a Diachronic Perspective

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For instance, you can use DiaCollo to display the differences or the similarities between two different words on the basis of their typical collocates over a given time period, or to directly compare the typical collocates of a single word in two different time periods. A more detailed guide with examples in German is available in PDF format.

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Changes in a word's meaning will therefore often be directly associated with changes in its characteristic combinations the set of words with which it typically occurs together, its collocates. DiaCollo is a software tool for the discovery, comparison, and interactive visualization of the typical word combinations for a user-specified target term.

Characteristic word combination profiles based on various underlying text corpora can be requested for a particular time period, as well as direct comparisons between different time periods.

Edited by Rochelle Lieber and Pavol Štekauer

In addition to traditional static tabular display formats, a number of intuitive interactive online visualizations for query result data are also available. Especially relevant for historians political scientists philologists linguists Starting point: Interest in tracking the changes in use of one or more period- or discourse-typical words over a particular time period. Task: Exposing a general or discourse-specific shift in meaning by changes in characteristic collocations.

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