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If time permits we will also explore the thermal case. Year 3 regs and modules G G Year 4 regs and modules G Past Exams Core module averages.

  • MATH3101/4081 Continuum Mechanics III/IV.
  • Categories in Continuum Physics: Lectures Given at a Workshop Held at Suny, Buffalo 1982.
  • [] Fundamental governing equations of motion in consistent continuum mechanics;
  • 1st Edition.

All students are given a problem-project to solve either individually or in minigroups, and the results are then discussed altogether. You are kindly required to fill in an on-line application.

International applicants may find additional information concerning admission at SPbPU web-site. Continuum Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications Looking for opportunities to get profound knowledge in Continuum Mechanics?

Continuum and Fluid Mechanics

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At larger scales the evolution of galaxies can also be described using continuum models instead of trying to predict the movement of every planet, asteroid, and star. This approach is used to study a huge range of phenomena, including the flow of air and water as well as in studies of rock slides the individual particles being large rocks , snow avalanches, blood flow, and even galaxy evolution.

Fluid Mechanics is a subdiscipline of Continuum Mechanics which focuses on the behaviour of fluids which include liquids and gases. Important examples for our everyday lives are water and air. For more Applied Math information for prospective students, information for current students, more pictures, and videos.

Have you ever wondered how airplanes fly mathematicians 'proved' they could not around the turn of the 19th century! Why dimples on a golf ball increase the distance it travels? Why curve balls curve?