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By Nikki Galovic. They scurry past us in the kitchen, pop up in our gardens, or are presented to us in jars by inquisitive children. We share our lives with them but for every one of us, there are million of them.

Looking out for dragonflies

They have us surrounded. They live in our gardens, our homes, our beds and even on us! Our initial response might be to kill them with chemical warfare, but without them our world would end. If your kids have ants in their pants about bugs then this is the book for you! Photo credit: David McClenaghan. Swarms of them can destroy economies, colonies of them can eat our houses, and a single sting from some can take a life.

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Many crops depend on them and some are completely destroyed by them. Miniature Lives arms you with the information you need to identify our petite friends and understand the creatures that form part of our every day. Or it might just be helpful if your child brings home a lot of creepy crawlies in their lunch box!

Author Michelle Gleeson is the director of Bugs Ed. Would the book you mentioned be helpful to someone in the US?

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The book would cover American insects at a broad level and help identification there, i. Pingback: Learn more about the insects and mini-beasts in your own backyard - Bushmates.

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    Rups staart ernaar in verwondering. Er komt een krulletje aan.

    3. A dragonfly hovers in the garden

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