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Brian C. Johnson of Milton at times believed the subject of his novel was. This is female various x male reader story and i also i don t own any of the female characters as well i do not own any media content in this series Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are weird it out or gross it out or even offended or under the age of 17 by any of those categories 5 days ago She led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the route of the Tubman was the first woman to lead an armed expedition during the.

Nerissa was said to be a princess of the Seelie Court. She first met Andrew while he was still a student at the Shadowhunter Academy, during a rescue mission the second years conducted. When Andrew saw her, he immediately pledged himself to her and decided to stay in the Faerie. Education during the slave period - Wikipedia. During the era of slavery in the United States, the education of African Americans, enslaved and free, was often discouraged, except for religious instruction, and eventually made illegal in many of the Southern states.

It was believed that literacy was a threat to the institution of slavery. First, literacy facilitated knowledge about the successful slave revolution in Haiti of — During the era of slavery in the United States, the education of African Americans, enslaved. Margaret Crittendon Douglass, a white woman who published a memoir after she was imprisoned in Virginia for teaching free black children Harriet Tubman - Family, Underground Railroad Death - Biography.

Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist and political activist. Born into slavery, Tubman. In her later years, Tubman was an activist in the struggle for women s suffrage. Born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland, Tubman was beaten and. The midnight sky and the silent stars have been the witnesses. Emma Carstairs is no longer a child in mourning, but a young woman bent on discovering what killed her parents and avenging her losses. Tis super-co- hort may be the PCs level - 1 instead of the usual -2 limitation. Te Cohort could either be some- one theyve already met in game for example Grumblejack the Ogre from Book One or could be someone who they meet through the Barons contacts.

Everyone who takes the leadership feat still gets minions give the minion management rules in the appendix some consideration for making this simpler as well and at some point in the campaign each PC gets to create a contact. What is a contact? It is a friendly, helpful NPC who appears at an opportune time.

It could be a simple as Were going to Farholde? I know a guy If the PC expends the contact beneft, then indeed, yes -- they know a guy. But more importantly, that guy also has resources or information that are useful to the PCs. Tis could be an old criminal contact remember that every PC once ran afoul of the law or a family member or anyone willing to help. Tis beneft need not be used in Farholde. Be- fore this campaign is done the PCs will be visit- ing small towns and major cities.

At any of those destinations this beneft could prove very handy indeed. She reminds them of the small clay tablet given to them by Cardinal Torn. Break it when you need to speak with the Master. Be sure not to waste his time. He can be most unforgiv- ing about that. Te Seventh Knot is already close at hand. Tey arrive tomorrow on a river barge named Te Lucky Lady. You should probably meet them and come up with a plan for seeing our masters will done. It matters not to me of course. Not my problem.

Goodbye, dearest, and good luck. And with that, she teleports away to her next as- signment. A devils work is never done. Te Seventh Knot does indeed arrive the next day. Tey too seem to think theyve travelled here with Tia- dora and they have -- Tiadora was teleporting between the two barges. Elise Zadaria has already received her orders.

It is my intention in the next few months to have spies set up in every inn, tavern and anywhere else adven- turers and explorers might congregate. When you do fnd the Horn of Abaddon, contact me. For those groups I cant personally dispatch, Ill send a messenger with any infor- mation I can gather. Elise does her best to put forward a friendly face but she is actually livid. She has been assigned to be an as- sistant. Te ambitious witch is furious at this perceived slight. Already she schemes to change the situation and to be the one who delivers the Tears of Achlys to Cardinal Torn.

But for now, she does her best to pretend to be satisfed with her role here in town. If pressed on what her plan is, Elise will reveal that she plans to create for Farholde a serial killer. Tat se- rial killer actually her knot using their iron circlets -- see Book One will begin to hunt down likely adventurers and explorers one by one. She will try to make this mur- derous endeavor look like accidental deaths for as long as she can, but she is sure that facade will eventually fail. When it does, the serial killer guise will allow her to terrorize anyone foolish to interrupt the work of the Ninth Knot.

Farholde is about to be bathed in blood. She is certain Tiadora would be delighted. Her plan is a good one. It does nothing however to alleviate her jeal- ously at not getting to take the lead on this assignment. Event Five: Finding the Horn It is perhaps startling how little exploration has been done of the Caer Bryr by the inhabitants of Farholde. Tere is a simple reason for this -- the Caer Bryr is phe- nomenally dangerous. When Farholde was conquered almost three centuries ago, a number of expeditions set out to explore the jungle.

None of them ever came back. Every few decades a new generation gets the brilliant idea -- lets explore the Briar! Te results are usually much the same -- few survivors. What survivors do come back relate tales of an endless wilderness of monsters and bar- barians. And so the people of Farholde keep to their hills. Te Horn of Abaddon is close to Farholde. A skilled horseman could ride directly there in less than a day. Te reason the Horn is undiscovered beside the fact that Caer Bryr is dangerous are threefold. First it is guarded by a treant named Jurak the Elder who wants it to remain undiscovered.

He commands the plants to grow over the entrances and challenges any who happen upon them. Te second reason is that the Horn is hiding in a for- est of similar stone spires. Within a few days travel of the Horn there are at least a hundred similar natural structures. Detecting which one is the Horn of Abaddon is a time consuming and dangerous matter. It took the skilled tracker Aiden Kael weeks to accomplish the task. And third, if you do make it inside, the Horn is not uninhabited.

Tose inhabitants are not fond of visitors. Between the boggards in the lower caverns, the wraith and the daemons -- visits to the Horn are ofen brief. Tis can be discovered by rumor- mongering or by a dedicated search Diplomacy DC 20 skill check. When the PCs arrive, his room is a week from being declared abandoned and cleaned out.

If someone will pay Kaels 25 gp overdue bill, the innkeeper will let them into the room no questions asked. Inside the room is Kaels map to the Horn laying out on a table weighed down by a common dagger. Besides a few worthless personal efects, his emergency funds are also hidden under the mattress in a sackcloth bag con- tianing gp in mixed coinage. It is a DC 20 Percep- tion skill check to fnd these funds. If the PCs dont think to do this, they can still search the wilderness. Finding the Horn requires a DC 30 Per- ception check.

Te party can make only one per day and each failure eats up a day of searching. If they actually search close to the Horn, perhaps award them a bonus but also remember about Jurak see Act Two, Event One below. Te gnarled old treant does not care for visitors. Any forest encoun- ter you can imagine is perfectly appropriate within this vast and uncharted jungle. The Environs of the Horn Te northern Caer Bryr is a temperate rainforest rich- ly blessed with rain fall and broadleaf trees. Te trees here are tall and broad. Te thick-trunked baobab tree, unusual in such a wet clime, is common here and grows to enormous size.

It is not uncommon to see trees hun- dreds of feet tall with trunks twenty feet across. To walk into the deep Briar is to enter the domain of giants. Every fat surface is covered with brilliant green moss and lichens in every hue. Mushrooms of a million sorts proliferate and crowd every fallen log. Small animal life is dense -- squirrels, voles, mice and white-faced ghost monkeys.

Birds dwell here in endless variety and daz- zling panoramas of plumage are everywhere on display. It is a bountiful place rich and thriving with natures splendor. Te Lake of Skye, rarely seen by civilized eyes, frac- tures into a thousand streams that course through the forest foor.

Tese streams eventually stagnate and fail near the coast becoming the Salt Brack. Te Salt Brack is also blessed with life -- crocodiles, fsh, lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, salamanders and birds teem there. Te blue-cray, a particularly delicious and rare swamp lobster, can be found hidden in the mud of the Salt Brack if one is brave enough to hunt it.

A good sized live blue-cray can command a 30 gp a head back in Farholde. Te Salt Brack is also home to great number of bog- gard tribes each more loathsome than the last. One particularly wicked example the Bane-wogs, See Event Two below has made the caves beneath the Horn their stronghold and temple. Perhaps the single most famous feature of the north- ern Briar are the great stone spires. Tey proliferate ev- erywhere in this jungle rising hundreds of feet above the forest foor.

Ofen covered in foliage, they are the home to countless small animals. Tese are natural spires though the Iraen are full of stories about how they were carved by ancient giants. Te beauty of these spires has drawn more than natural creatures. Fey and spirits dwell in and around the stone spires in great abundance. Note: Tis terrain is inspired by real topography. If you would like to see these inspirations, go to google im- ages and search for li jiang karst.

Te upthrust moun- tains of China would be right at home in the Caer Bryr. At frst, he merely inconvenienced the death cultists who made the spire their home. He at- tacked supply shipments and messengers, but was quick to melt into the woods when they turned their true might towards him. Unable to be defeated in the forest, but too weak to assault the Horn itself, he became a persistent nuisance.

Ten the Victor arrived. Te Victors triumph came so rapidly that Jurak missed the battle. When he fnally met the Victor, Jurak confessed his regret. Te Victor answered, Ten make this your sacred charge. Jurak, protector of the forest, see that evil never again takes root here. Jurak has since vigilantly performed his duty. It is due to Jurak that the Horn is as empty as it is.

Obviously, this self-righteous piece of walking lumber has got to go! Te PCs likely frst encounter Jurak when they fnd the Horn of Abaddon or later when they leave for the frst time. Jurak is unlikely to attack on sight unless they are endangering the forest or openly wear unholy symbols. Instead, he warns them away. You have happened upon the Horn of Abaddon, he lectures, a cursed place once of great corruption. It is my sacred charge to see that evil never again takes root here. If the PCs claim to be here seeking a lost friend, for example he may even assist them.

He knows about the boggards in the lower caves and would wel- come help to root them out see Event Two. However, once the Horn alights see Act Tree , the gloves will be of. Jurak will know there is evil in the Horn and will do all in his power to root it out. Jurak is not without allies. He speaks regularly with the lillend Calliaste Shanda see Event Tree and can summon her by passing messages through the trees both Jurak and Calliaste can speak with plants.

A fght against both of these powerful nature guardians and Shandas el- ven retinue would be a CR 10 battle fearsome indeed! Special Attacks rock throwing ft. He will retreat to summon aid if he believes he faces a superior foe. Morale Jurak is fanatically devoted to keeping his sacred charge and fghts to the death. It takes 1 full round for a tree to uproot itself, after which it moves at a speed of 10 feet and fghts as a treant although it has only one slam attack and lacks the treants animation and rock-throwing abilities , gaining the treants vulnerability to fre.

If the treant that ani- mated it terminates the animation, moves out of range, or is incapacitated, the tree immediately takes root wherever it is and returns to its normal state. Double Damage Against Objects Ex A treant or animated tree that makes a full attack against an object or structure deals double damage. Treespeech Ex A treant has the ability to converse with plants as if subject to a continual speak with plants spell, and most plants greet them with an attitude of friendly or helpful.

PDF The Dog Fence: A Journey Across the Heart of Australia

Tese vile frogmen venerate the demon lord Dagon who they simply call Father since in their cosmology, Dagon sired them. Afer having been driven from another swamp within the Caer Bryr by the Iraen, the boggards have come to believe mistakenly that the Horn is some- how sacred to Father. Tey have made the caverns be- neath the Horn their home, sanctuary and temple. Kumandas claim to fame is that he single handedly slew a patrol of nine guards out of Farholde some years ago.

He still wields a fnely made greatsword taken from the patrols captain. A brutal bully, he tolerates no dissent among the Bane- wogs and considers even the hint of disagreement a chal- lenge to his dominance. Zikomo on the other hand is the tribes only spellcaster and an oracle of the dark tapestry. He is also completely insane. Zikomo sufers from raving bouts of madness and delusions exacerbated by his brewing of vision-juice, a potent hallucinogen made from local toadstools. Te shaman sits alone in his shrine dream- ing of worlds end and of al- mighty Dagon rising from the sea to feed.

He rages immediately at the battles start and then leaps and stabs at any foe he can reach. Morale In a rage, there is no stopping this angry boggard. Kumanda fghts to the death. Raging Leaper Ex When raging, the barbarian adds his level as an enhancement bonus on all Acrobatics skill checks made to jump. When making a jump in this way, the barbarian is always considered to have a running start. Sticky Tongue Ex A creature hit by a boggards tongue attack cannot move more than 10 feet away from the boggard and takes a 2 penalty to AC as long as the tongue is attached this penalty does not stack if multiple tongues are attached.

The tongue can be removed by making an opposed Strength check as a standard action or by dealing 2 points of slashing damage to the tongue AC 11, damage does not deplete the boggards actual hit points. The boggard cannot move more than 10 feet away from the target, but the boggard can release its tongue as a free action.

Unlike a giant frog, a boggard cannot pull tar- gets toward it with its tongue. While raging, the barbarian must attempt to re- sist all spells even benefcial spells cast by allies. Swamp Stride Ex A boggard can move through any sort of natu- ral difcult terrain at its normal speed while within a swamp. Magically altered terrain afects a boggard normally. Terrifying Croak Su Once per hour, a boggard can, as a stand- ard action, emit a loud and horrifying croak. Any non-boggard creature within 30 feet of the boggard must make a DC 13 Will save or become shaken for 1d4 rounds.

Creatures that succeed at this save cannot be afected again by the same boggards croak for 24 hours. Creatures that are already shaken become frightened for 1d4 rounds instead. Kumanda may be a fearsome man-slayer but he is a poor leader. He has led the tribe from one defeat to another. It is only a matter of time before he attracts the attention of the Talireans and gets his tribe wiped out. Tis tribe is ready for a new master.

If the PCs slay Kumanda and convince the mad Zikomo they are messengers from Father, they could become that master and gain a self-replenishing pool of minions. They use their terrifying croak hop- ing to panic their enemies and then strike en masse. Morale The boggards are, in small groups, a cowardly lot. They fee upon catching sight of any numerically larger group back to the village C9 below and try to gather more forces. Failing that, they fee or surrender if reduced to seven hit points or less.

He uses interstellar void to weaken dangerous foes. After that, he adopts a support role trying his best to remain out of melee. If forced into melee, he uses gift of madness to confuse his enemies and escape. Morale Zikomo is a drug-addled fanatic and to defend his tribe fghts to the death. The target receives a Will save to negate the efect and imme- diately knows the source of this harmful mental prying.

Those who fail this save are wracked with pain, taking 4d4 points of damage. After successfully attacking with this ability, Zikomo may use a full-round action to sort through the jumble of sto- len thoughts and memories to make a single Knowledge check using the victims skill bonus. The randomly stolen thoughts remain in Zikomos mind for 3 rounds. Treat the knowledge gained as if Zikomo had used detect thoughts.

This is a mind- afecting efect. Zikomo can use this ability once per day. Gift of Madness Su : You tap into the unthinkable void between the stars and cause a single living creature within 30 feet to become confused for 1 round. A successful Fortitude save ne- gates the efect. This is a mind afecting compulsion efect.

As a standard ac- tion, one target within 30 feet is cloaked in the void and takes 4d6 points of cold damage. A successful Fortitude save halves this damage. Hold Breath Ex Zikomo can hold his breath for 52 rounds before risking drowning or sufocating. Tey do their best to defend the Horn against invaders. Zikomo will send our runners throughout the boggard-haunted fens and marshes of the Salt Brack and every week new frogmen will fock to the Bane-wogs to aid in the defense efort.

Tere are sixteen bane-wogs plus Kumanda and Ziko- mo in the tribe when our villains arrive. Every week 1d more boggards arrive to reinforce the tribe. Te tribes maximum size is 32 boggards. Enlisting Zikomo Hears-the- Father Zikomo Hears-the-Father is a talented boggard and is the key to gaining the aid of the Bane-wog rabble. He is the only bog- gard who speaks the common tongue and by far the smartest member of his tribe. Zikomo is a true believer in both his patron demon god and that boggards are Father Dagons chosen children.

He despises all humans and demihumans and chafes at their control. And yet, Zikomo is likely to cooperate with the PCs if they slay Ku- manda. Zikomo spends a great amount of time lost in drug- fueled dreams and meditation. He is fercely addicted to his home-made hallucinogen vision juice and his statis- tics already refect this. During these visions, Zikomo believes he has seen the future. He knows that the slayers of Kumanda were destined to come to the Horn and that they shall restore this cursed place to greatness.

Remember that Zikomo mistakenly believes that the Horn is sacred to Dagon. By restoring the Horn, the shaman believes that the PCs will be creat- ing a powerful nexus for Father Dagon. He does not care why they are doing this, he only cares that it is done. Tere will be a time of trials before greatness is re- stored.

Zikomo accepts that. Te shaman also realizes that some of his tribe will perish in this time. He accepts this as well, as only those who are weak and unft will die. He also relishes getting rid of Kumanda and at last be- coming the unquestioned master of his tribe. Kumanda, Zikomo believes, is an idiot. Tis is really the heart of Zikomos ambitions. He will pretend to be loyal to the hated humans until they complete the ritual and restore the Horn.

Ten he intends to betray them and become sole master of a newly consecrated temple of Dagon. To Zikomo, the Horn of Abaddon and its environs are his world. He can- not imagine going to all the trouble to con- quer this place, only to later abandon it. Even if they PCs tell him this is their plan, Zikomo will never be- lieve them.

From the PCs point of view, this ambition works for them. Teir mission is to summon Vetra- Kali and then depart. What do they care who ends up as the Horns master? If Vetra-Kali is allowed to remain, Zikomo has no chance of dominat- ing the Horn. He will either die by Vetra-Kalis hand or once more become a ser- vant. Te mad oracle will become the boggard messiah, delivering his raving gospel of demon worship and batrachian domi- nance to his inhuman disciples.

Tat errand took her deep with- in the Caer Bryr and there the passionate Calliaste fell in love. Te errand long complete, the immortal lillend has tarried here for just a few centuries reveling in the splen- dor of this grand and unspoiled wilderness. For her, the forest has a music of its own and she is enthralled by its ever renewing harmonies. Te lillend has become one of the most powerful defenders of the Caer Bryr. Unusually for a lillend, Calliaste is a shape changer, being able to alter self at will.

Te lycanthropic Moon Prince rewarded her with this gif afer Calliaste suc- cessfully served him. Her two preferred forms are an exquisitely beautiful black skinned elf with long fowing blonde hair and a dryad with skin of ebony wood and hair of long fowing green leaves. Using these forms she has collected a cadre of consorts, artists and lovers for whom she has become their muse and patron.


When forced to fght, however, she still prefers her natural state. She would be quick to come to his aid if called.

Oluale Kossola, the Last Survivor of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Even if he is not given the chance to call the lillend, Calliaste speaks with Jurak at least once a week by whispering through the trees using speak with plants. If Jurak goes missing, she is sure to investigate. Tus are the PCs likely to meet Calliaste and her band of fey-touched elven consorts.

Such a meeting is unlikely to be cordial. Morale The consorts worship Calliaste as almost a goddess. They will do anything to protect her including laying down their own lives. However, if she is slain, they will fee. Such will be their sorrow at losing their goddess, they never return here. She usually opens with charm monster hop- ing to turn her enemies strength against them. If magic fails and her consorts are in danger of defeat, she will use her magical blade and constrict to great efect. Morale Calliaste is not a fanatic but she is relentless against evil. If reduced to 24 hp or less, she will attempt to fee so that she may gather new allies and strike again.

Spells A lillend casts spells as a 7th-level bard. They favor enchant- ment and healing spells 21 A c t T w o : T a k i n g t h e H o r n Calliastes lair is many miles away from the environs of the Horn and once called, it will take her and her fey consorts three days to fy there. Tey will land some dis- tance away and approach quietly, uncertain what dangers may threaten this once wicked place. If they know that enemies are about, they will try to fght from ambush. Otherwise, they will seek out Jurak and aid the treant however they can. If Calliaste fnds evidence that Jurak has been slain, then she is immediately flled with loss and rage.

She will not rest until she fnds the culprit. Fighting Calliaste and her consorts is probably inevi- table. Tere is only way to avoid direct confict without abandoning the Horn -- blame Farholde. Te elven con- sorts who travel with Calliaste hate the Talireans.

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At least one of them is old enough to remember the sack of Cannoch Naoi see the Gazetter below for de- tails. A well fabricated yarn about how the Talireans hunted down and murdered Jurak the Elder is likely to be believed. In that case, Calliaste turns her wrath against Farholde in general and the Church of Mitra in particular. She wages her own personal war against the murderers of Ju- rak. Tis course leads to the lillend and her consorts deaths fghting with the sisters of the Abbey of St. Cyn- thia-Celeste or the soldiery of Farholde.

What a pity. Award the PCs full XP for such a demise. If the PCs do fght Calliaste Shanda, there is a high probability the lillend will not be defeated in a single battle. Afer all, she can cast invisibility, fy at 70 a round and is quite stealthy. Her consorts will sacrifce their lives to give their god- dess the chance to fght another day.

Escape is likely. Her frst attack is almost certainly brazen and up front. She will be bent on avenging Juraks death and that rage will make her in- cautious. Afer one defeat, she comes to her senses and be- comes crafy. She takes on the form of a beautiful ebony skinned elf and visits Farholde. She searches for allies.

Way Of The Wicked #2 Call Forth Darkness

Brunhild Storm- dottir in particular would leap at the chance to form an alliance. Te second time our villains meet Cal- liaste Shanda she may be the ffh member of that adventuring band. Unusually for a dungeon, these room descriptions are not just concerned with how the rooms are but also what they might become. Eventually, the PCs are going to own this dungeon. Tey are going to clear out its inhabitants or enslave or ally with them and make the Horn of Abaddon their base of operations.

At that time, they are probably go- ing to ask themselves -- how can I make my base more secure? Tere is no simple answer to that question. In- stead, the PCs get to become dungeon designers. Tey get to customize rooms and create traps. In your PDF bundle or at fremountaingames. Tat version of the map lacks secret doors and room numbers. Print out that PC map. Use overlaid sheets of paper to slowly expose it as the PCs explore the map. Once they begin to modify the map be ready to mark it up.

Make lots of notes about how the PCs are changing the map. Later you will use this map when NPC adven- turers attack the Horn. And they will. Oh yes. Te author has tried to anticipate many of the things that the PCs might do. We have tried to give you the Game Master the information to answer the questions your PCs may ask. How much does that trap cost? How much poison can I buy in town?

Where can I get a mon- ster or a band of minions to guard this room? Ultimately our eforts are doomed to failure. Tere is no way this author or anyone can anticipate all the weird, wonderful and wicked traps your players will concoct. So youve got to be ready to wing it! We want to reward innovation and cleverness. So weve created a point sys- tem called Security Points SPs for short. When the PCs do something efective and interesting in order to secure the Horn, award them Security Points.

If your PCs do something amazing and creative to secure the Horn -- award them the amazing security bonus. Even if their point total is zero. Its just that simple. Ultimately, this is just a handy way to gauge how well your PCs are doing. Te many stalactites, stalagmites, and columns of wet living stone resemble nothing so much as fangs contained inside a large loathsome grin. Te cave is covered by countless pools of standing fetid water and ubiquitous slicks of mud that make the entire surface of the maw count as difcult terrain from the entrance to the dotted-line more than forty feet in.

C1a a pair of bored boggard sentries is stationed here. If they see a lone or wounded entrant into the caves, they will try to ambush and eat the unfortunate. If they notice a numerically superior or well-armed band, they instead take cover and at the frst opportunity fee to C9 the Bane-wog Village. Tere they alert their chiefain Kumanda Slays-Nine-Men. Kumanda gathers four war- riors and moves to lay an ambush for the intruders, per- haps in C4. Posting a guard here: 1 security point C2 Pool of Acid Tis small wet cave, through a bizarre natural process, sweats acid from its northern wall.

Te acid has pooled and anyone touching the seemingly clear water takes 1d6 acid damage.

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  6. Double this damage if anyone fool- ishly drinks from pool. Tis pool is surprisingly deep and contains roughly vials worth of acid gp worth. Better, the pool replenishes completely every month. Tat means that every week the PCs control the horn, they can harvest gp worth of potent acid from this pool. Selling the acid in Farholde is folly. Te lone alche- mist in town has nowhere near the demand to keep up with the rate this pool produces.

    You can sell at most 10 vials a month in Farholde. Afer that, there is simply no further demand. What this pool excels at is the production of truly horrid and horrendous traps. Te value of this acid may be directly applied to the construction cost of any trap that involves an acid component. Tis pool may never supply more than half the cost of any mechanical trap. A knowledge nature skill check DC 20 confrms that this cavern would make an excellent lair for some dangerous water- loving beast.

    Te nearby swamps are infested with croco- diles. If a pair could be captured and transplanted here an excellent job for boggard minions then this room could turned into a CR 4 encounter. Unfortunately, the boggards have grown lazy of late and rarely station anyone here. Four boggards can efectively hide here, making this a CR 6 encounter.

    Further, the ground in the middle of the room here is comparatively dry and sof. It would be a perfect place to dig up to a twenty foot deep pit trap. Any deeper and the sof soil grows too damp and simply collapses. Te pit could be dug for free by simply conscripting the boggards this takes a week. Te boggards can also cut crude wooden spikes to install at the bottom. Tey will not suggest this, of course, as they remain lazy. You could also fll a pit with acid harvested from C2 see above.

    Please allow notifications to be able to download files. Block Allow. Lady Midnight. Print Length pagine. Past her prime at 24, Olympic Downhill Skiing Gold Medalist, Calista Carter, needs two things - a world-renown plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation In Dr. Derek DeWine, she finds both.