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Dym and Raymond E.

Methods and Applications of Intelligent Control

Adrian A. Stamatios V. Nanayakkara, F. Sahin, and M. Sankar K. Sin and C. Lefteri H.

Intelligent Control Design and MATLAB Simulation

Tsoukalas and Robert E. Students will understand the advantages and disadvantages of these methods relative to other control methods. Students will be aware of current research trends and issues. Students will be able to design control systems using fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks.

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Abstract: Intelligent control, which includes fuzzy, neural, neuro-fuzy and evolutionary control, is result of applying computational intelligence to the control complex systems. This class of unconventional control system differs radically from conventional or hard control system that are based on classical and modern control theory. The techniques of intelligent control are being applied increasingly to industrial control problems and are leading to solutions where conventional control methods have proved unsuccessful.

This paper reviews computational intelligence branch of soft computing which includes expert system, fuzzy logic , artificial neural network s and evolutionary computing with emphasis on its application to control engineering.

Intelligent Control: A Review. Information Technology Journal, 1: Some of the chapters introduce specific case studies of various intelligent control systems and others focus on intelligent theory based control techniques with applications. A remarkable specificity of this volume is that three chapters are dealing with intelligent control based on paraconsistent logics.

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JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Engineering Computational Intelligence and Complexity. Presents new approaches in intelligent control Describes corresponding methods, original algorithms and applications Presents techniques for solving particular tasks involving intelligent control Targeted at researchers interested in new and non-conventional approaches in contemporary intelligent process control see more benefits.

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